NIWA launches Solar Computer Systems

NIWA announced global pricing and availability details for Solar Office Computer Systems. 

NIWA launches Office Computer Solar Systems to empower SMEs in Africa and Asia. Let us work together to lead the digital revolution in Africa and Asia and bring real value to SMEs!

Digitisation has the potential to raise productivity and operational efficiency in businesses across sectors, to deliver better outcomes for both customers and citizens, and to create millions of high-quality jobs. Studies have shown that the adoption of digital technologies could triple Africa’s and Asia’s productivity growth, more than double growth in per capita income, and add several percentage points to the countries real GDP growth rate over the next decade. It is planned to result in a net gain of millions of jobs by 2030. A large proportion of those jobs would go to women, and digitisation could trigger a breakthrough in women’s empowerment.

NIWA’s full solution solar computer range has been created with SMEs in mind wanting to improve their work efficiencies in daily office work. 8-12 hrs Computer runtime every day depending on energy mode for a true boost in productive use per day.

Depending on the business nature application can range from accounting, tax, finance, project management, internet communication, internet information access, marketing, sales, finance management, customer relationship management and all sorts of other computer applications used today in offices all over the world enhancing businesses to work efficiently in the 21st century in global economies.

As an all-in-one package there is no need to worry about power outages anymore – the system comes with its own solar power generation module, energy storage in 5+ year LFP battery, easy to use solar controller, lamps to work even in the evening hours and latest state of the art Quad Core Intel processor computer with integrated 24″ Full HD monitor and 64 GB super fast SSD drive. On top of that the computer is equipped with all latest communication features including fast WIFI, Bluetooth and ethernet connection. ​

Full product details: NIWA Solar Computer Systems

For pricing and other details please reach out to us via

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