Home 200 X2 starter system into the world of modular solar systems MSS

Innovative Home & Business Solar System

Home 200 X2

200 Lumen Starter System

Main Features

  • 100% Modular & Upgradable
  • Easy to install Plug'n'Play Design
  • 200 Lumen Brightness
  • 2x Ceiling Lamps
  • 3x Light Dimming Modes
  • Mobile Phone Charging
  • 5+ Years Battery Lifetime
  • Solar & AC/DC charging
  • Environment Friendly Battery
  • Water & Dust Protected Lamps
  • 14 meter Cables
  • 5x phone adapters
  • 3 meter Lamp Extension Cable
  • Replaceable Battery
  • 24 Month Limited Warranty
Home 200 X2 Modular Solar System MSS Features

Product Description

Home 200 X2 is Niwa's mid-range Starter System for entering the world of Modular-Solar-Systems (MSS). With 2x ceiling lamps the system offers a very comfortable start into complete energy independence. Each lamp offers impressive 100 Lumen brightness which brings total system brightness to 200 Lumen. More than enough for the living room, kitchen or sleeping room.

All lamps are water and dust proof and can also be installed as outdoor lamps serving as security lights. Lamps can be individually dimmed (3x Light Modes for each Lamp) according to the situation of use, room size and sunshine duration at a particular day. Dimming takes place conveniently at a wall switch for each lamp.

Lights Runtime

Home 200 X2's lamps are individually dimmable (3x Light Modes). The system's runtime can be easily optimized based on usage scenario, room size and sunshine at a particular day. True energy balancing is the result.

Following table shows Light Runtime at different brightness levels:

solar LED light runtime for all lights at different dimming levels


Upgrades for the system

All Niwa's Modular-Solar-Systems (MSS) are 100% upgradable and fully modular. This means power generation (Solar), power management (Charge Controller), power storage (battery) and power usage (lights, phone charging and other products) can be grown over time very easily. MSS is the only system in the world offering full modularity. This is possible through our unique patented technology. Examples for typical upgrades:

Home 100 Lamp for upgrading Niwa Modular Solar System with 100 Lumen Light Home 300 Lamp for upgrading Niwa Modular Solar System with 300 Lumen Light Energy X2 for upgrading Niwa Modular Solar System with more Output Power and Battery Storage Energy X3 for upgrading Niwa Modular Solar System with more Output Power and Battery Storage Solar X2 for upgrading Niwa Modular Solar System with more Solar Power Solar X3 for upgrading Niwa Modular Solar System with more Solar Power

Home 200 X2 Conventional SHS
Upgrade Solar limited
Upgrade Battery only replacable
Upgrade Output Power -
Upgrade Charge Controller -
Upgrade No. of Lights up to 60x limited
Upgrade No. of USB up to 60x -
Brightness 200 Lumen varies by system
Light Dimming -
Light Modes 3x -
CRI 85 Ra <70 Ra
Type LiFePo4 Lead Acid
Lifetime more than 5 years 1.5 years
Green Battery -
Coverage All parts Battery excluded
Duration 24 month 12-24 month
CE -
RoHS -


Pricing & Sales Inquiries

Contact us if your company wants to bulk purchase or become a distributor of Niwa's solar products.

Students studying without Kerosene in Africa and India using Niwa's Modular Solar Systems MSS
Happy people in Africa and India using ceiling lamp light of Niwa's Modular Solar Systems
best brightest lamp light powered by solar full kerosene replacement sustainable energy
Modular Solar Systems for small business kiosk for economic growth energy independance

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