Multi 100 Plus

High Brightness Re-chargeable Solar LED Light & Phone Charger

Main Features

  • 100 Lumen Brightness
  • Mobile Phone Charging
  • LED Light - dimmable 3x Light Modes
  • up to 5x longer lifetime
  • Solar & Mobile Adapter charging
  • Environment Friendly Battery
  • Water & Dust Protected
  • Multi-Flex Portable Design
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Comfortable Light Slider
  • USB connection
  • 5x mobile phone adapters
  • 24 Month Limited Warranty
Multi 100 High Brightness Re-chargeable Solar LED Light lantern

Product Description

Multi 100 Plus is Niwa’s highly versatile high brightness solar lantern for indoor and outdoor usage. Its durable design and strong performance makes it the perfect product for people living without electricity. Multi 100 Plus offers powerful 100 Lumen of LED light and mobile phone charging.

It’s innovative battery technology leaves behind all the downsides of today’s laptop and cell phone batteries: Extreme long lifetime, no-Memory effect and eco-friendliness. Multi 100 Plus comes with Niwa’s powerful highly durable Solar 150 panel which can be easily fixed to the roof. Product design is optimized for the full range of outdoor and indoor situations: Multi series is dust and water proof and its unique handle design lets light always point in the right direction from the wall or ceiling.

Light Performance

Multi 100 Plus provides 100 Lumen of bright light for more than 3.5 hrs every evening. Enough for families to do the most important tasks such as homework, cooking and having dinner under decent light. The standard mode of 50 Lumen is available for 8 hrs and 20 Lumen in the low mode is even available for more than 18 hrs. Low mode can be used as the bed light setting throughout the night.

Multi 100 Plus lumen brightness level duration High Brightness Re-chargeable Solar LED Light lantern

Multi 100 Plus comes in three versions: Plus (1400 mAh battery), XL (2000 mAh battery) and XXL (5000 mAh battery).

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Pricing & Sales Inquiries

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People in Africa using Niwa Multi 100 Plus Solar LED light
People in Africa using Niwa Multi 100 Plus Solar LED light

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