Multi 300 XL

Ultra High-Brightness Re-chargeable Solar LED Light & Phone Charger

Main Features

  • 300 Lumen Brightness
  • Mobile Phone Charging
  • LED Light - 5x Light Modes
  • up to 5x longer lifetime
  • Solar & Mobile Adapter charging
  • Environment Friendly Battery
  • Water & Dust Protected
  • Multi-Flex Portable Design
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Comfortable Light Slider
  • USB connection
  • 5x mobile phone adapters
  • 24 Month Limited Warranty
Multi 100 High Brightness Re-chargeable Solar LED Light lantern

Product Description

Multi 300 XL is the world's brightest portable solar light. The product is well equipped for all everyday situations indoors and outdoors. The 300 Lumen ultra bright light mode is especially important for emergency situations. Its feature set, durable design and strong performance makes it the perfect product for people living without electricity looking for a high quality products.

Multi 300 XL offers powerful 300 Lumen of LED light and mobile phone charging capability at the same time. It’s innovative battery technology leaves behind all the downsides of today’s laptop and cell phone batteries: Extreme long lifetime (2000 cycles), no-Memory effect and eco-friendliness.

Multi 300 XL comes with Niwa’s powerful Solar 200 panel for very comfortable solar charging. Multi 300 sets the bar new for what we can expect from portable solar products.

Light Performance

Multi 300 XL offers up to 300 lumen of light in its emergency light mode. This impressive light level makes it the ideal setting for emergency situations when high visibility is crucial. 200 Lumen and 100 lumen are the standard modes - the ideal setting for the full evening. Furthermore 50 lumen and the bedlight setting are available for long hours throughout the night.

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Pricing & Sales Inquiries

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People in Africa using Niwa Multi 300 XL Solar LED light
People in Africa using Niwa Multi 300 XL Solar LED light

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