Ultra affordable solar LED light


Uno 50

All-in-one Ultra-affordable Solar LED Light

Main Features

  • 50 Lumen Brightness
  • Ultra-affordable (<10$ USD)
  • All-in-One Compact Design
  • LED Light - 2 Light Modes
  • up to 5x longer lifetime
  • Solar & Mobile Adapter charging
  • Environment Friendly Battery
  • Solar Inside (PV panel integrated)
  • Durable Strong Design
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Comfortable Light Slider
  • Charging feedback LED
  • 24 Month Warranty
Ultra affordable solar study school LED light for people without electricity as a kerosene replacement

Product Description

For less than 10 US$ Uno 50 is Niwa’s entry-level solar light solution. An ultra-affordable, all-in-one solar lamp for complete energy independence.

Uno 50 offers up to 50 lumen of light in its highest light mode for 2 hours. In the first setting comfortable 20 lumen last for 5 hours - a brightness level which is already enough for reading, cooking or lighting up the home.

Cost effectiveness is the main focus of this product. At this price level, Uno 50 offers unbeatable quality and performance. What’s more, clever design has made Uno 50 a versatile product that can be used in many situations: not only is it the perfect reading light, it can also be hung on a wall or ceiling and flood a room.

Light Performance

Uno 50 provides 50 Lumen of bright light for more than 2 hrs and 20 Lumen for more than 5 hrs every evening. Already 20 Lumen are enough for study and reading purpose. Impressive 50 Lumen can be used to light up a full room with light.

Uno solar light lantern lumen brightness light duration runtime

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Pricing & Sales Inquiries

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People in Africa using Niwa Uno 50 Solar LED light

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