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Niwa is proud of announcing the worldwide release of the world’s first modular TV solar system.

Hong Kong, October 2015 - This fall sees NIWA launching a major and revolutionary product, TV X3, the world’s first modular TV Solar System. TV X3 combines NIWA's unique upgrading technology with the most energy efficient high quality LED TVs.

Upgradable Modular System

The highly affordable starting package ‘TV X3’ and its modern LFP battery technology allows customers to enjoy a 2 hour TV runtime per day - a sufficient duration to watch the news or a full movie - in the first instance. They may then progressively upgrade and double or triple the runtime via low cost ‘Energy Upgrade X3’ upgrade package.

Performance and Affordability

In an effort to break down the entry barrier of a TV solar systems, Niwa has conceived an unique patented upgrade approach to significantly lowering the price, and make information, entertainment and culture affordable and accessible for all. As a plug and play device, TV X3 is easy to use and does not require technical skills.

A Solar and Social Revolution

As an inescapable part of modern culture and one of the most basic resources of information, TV enables people to be informed of the latest news, of economic and environmental informations and of public and political debate, all of this on a national and international level. Making those crucial informations accessible is part of Niwa’s wish to educate, inform and inspire the people which deserve them the most.

« Consumers have been looking for highly affordable TV solar systems since long time and we’ve responded by introducing a unique product package which brings it in reach to a much bigger audience as before. We are at a unique point in time when LED TVs consume as much power as a light bulb some years back. But it needs also an innovative solar systems to take advantage of this development at the same time. TV X3 offers people the most easy start imaginable into free daily TV entertainment. »

said Ti el Attar, Founder & Executive Director of Niwa. TV X3 has been created in the belief that combating disparities in development must be taken forward on all possible fronts. Reducing social inequality and expanding access to culture and entertainment is an inherent part of it.

About Niwa : Niwa is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of next generation solar consumer products. With an uwavering commitment and a broad expertise in engineering, product design and mass production of consumer products, Niwa empowers families and small businesses in more than 30 countries, to grow step-by- step into energy independence.

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