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NIWA Builds Powerful & Effective Solar Solutions

Modern Computer, TV, Lighting Home & Office Solar Systems


Powerful solar solutions made affordable.

By 2030 – 698.3 million people will live without electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa alone and 488.6 million in South-Asia (WEO 2010).  NIWA is commited to provide them the same comfort of life as in the rest of the world by fully sustainable solar solutions.

NIWA brings comfort of modern life to families living off the grid. 

100% Quality Verified

All our products are CE, RoHS certified and meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards from IFC / World Bank. 

Global leap winner
3 years in a row

Our quality is recognized by the Industry’s leading quality assurance award for solar appliances:

· 2017 Global LEAP Awards Buyer’s Guide
· 2016 Global LEAP Awards Buyer’s Guide

TEchnology leadership

More than 20 year experience in technology development, engineering, industrial design and mass production background brings us in the best position to deliver on evolving market demands. 

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Highest Quality

Engineered to Last

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