Niwa’s mission is driven by reality: 1.6 billion people live every day without electricity

Our Focus: 1.6 Billion
un-electrified People

By 2030 - 698.3 million people will live without electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa alone followed by 488.6 million in South-Asia based on latest numbers projected by OECD/IEA (WEO 2010). Governments, societies and organizations seem to be unable to bring the change quick enough to families in need.

Hard Realities:
Up to 30% Energy Cost

The reality is that families have to spend a significant amount of their limited income for burnable fuels like kerosene, in order to fulfill basic household needs as light. Besides serious health (World Health Organization report) and safety issues, kerosene light does not qualify as a sufficient light source due to its poor performance. Additional costs emerge for phone charging, batteries and cooking. To make it short: The overall amount spent for energy is completely out of proportion and can go over 30% of family’s household income.

Our Solutions

Niwa develops, manufactures and distributes the next generation of ultra-affordable sustainable energy solutions for people living without electricity. We do this by utilizing latest state-of-art technology like highly energy efficient LED modules, environmentally friendly batteries with the longest lifetime in the market and durable long lasting solar panels. Furthermore our product design is fully optimized for the rural consumer - usability, practicability, toughness, reliability and long time durability - all features we put special emphasis on.

The Right Time

We strongly believe that it is time to bring the benefits of globalization to the people which deserve them the most. Declining technology prices bring up a unique product opportunity: Niwa’s ultra-affordable solar products.

Let‘s bring products with social impact to the communities and solve at the same time the problems of climate change.

Flexible Tools for Economic Growth & better Education

Social Products
with Social Impact

Our company philosophy 'solar products with social impact' best describes what we are doing: We deliver products which can make a small difference in the communities of Africa and South Asia, let people save their burnable fuel money and invest it into the education of their kids or the growth of their small businesses.

People's Final Say

All our products are developed based on first-hand consumer studies did in African and Indian communities. We strongly believe that only the individuals living in rural environments should have the final say about what products we design for them. Not only do the products fit perfectly into their daily lives, they also do not carry unnecessary ballast which brings up the retail price and therefore represent the optimum in terms of value proposition to the consumer.

Flexible Tools for Economic Growth & better Education

For Economic Growth

Our solar products are simple tools for cost saving and economic growth of families having to deal with unreliable electricity. In average it just needs 4 months for returning the initial investment and after that day-by-day the money for burnable fuels like kerosene or disposable batteries is saved and stays in the pockets of families.

Simple Implementation

No other sustainable energy solution is implemented by so little effort and changes the live of families from day one. Comparing to centralized solar or wind power solutions -which require significant investments in the infrastracture for power distribution- investments stay manageable and projects can be flexibly adjusted based on needs.
R&D, High Quality Components & Advanced Production

R&D, Industrial Design,
High Quality Components,
Advanced Production

Our strong technology, engineering, industrial design and production background brings us in the best position to deliver what our customers in the villages assigned us to do. By utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technologies from renown quality vendors such as highly energy efficient LEDs, the most environmentally friendly long lasting batteries and durable strong plastic materials we make sure our products are best equipped for a product lifetime and reliability which is unique in the market place.

Advanced Quality Control

Our quality assurance team makes sure that all products leaving the factory comply to the same high standards. Our factories are capable of quickly adjusting to any market demand based on customer requests at the same level of production quality.

100% Quality Verified

All our products are CE, EMC and RoHS certified. Uno 50, Multi 100 plus, Multi 300 and all MSS entry systems meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards from IFC / World Bank's Ligting Africa program.

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