Energy 50W & Computer Workstation Solar System

computer workstation

office windows 10 computer SOLAR SYSTEM


All-In-One Office Computer

NIWA's full solution solar computer range has been created with SMEs in mind wanting to improve their work efficiencies in daily office work.

Depending on the business nature application can range from accounting, tax, finance, project management, internet communication, internet information access, marketing, sales, finance management, customer relationship management and all sorts of other computer applications used today in offices all over the world enhancing businesses to work efficiently in the 21st century in global economies.

As an all-in-one package there is no need to worry about power outages anymore - the system comes with its own solar power generation module, energy storage in 5+ year LFP battery, easy to use solar controller, lamps to work even in the evening hours and latest state of the art Quad Core Intel computer with integrated 24" Full HD monitor and 64 GB super fast SSD drive. On top of that the computer is equipped with all latest communication features including fast WIFI, Bluetooth and ethernet connection.

quad core Intel processor

All-in-one Solution


operating system

8+ Hours Computer Usage / day

COMPUTER TIME guaranteed

24" Full HD Monitor

visual comfort


Premium sized solar



1 Million Reasons why SMEs can improve their work efficiencies with Computers

Solar Computer Workstation


24" Full HD Monitor

Windows 10®

Intel® HD Graphics

13W Power Consumption

Extremely Power Robust

SSD Solid State Drive

Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Mouse

1 Year Warranty

Plug'n'Play Solar Control Box

LFP Long Life Battery

Wide Range of Battery Capacities

PAYGO Payment Regulator (Optional)

12V High Power Output

Dual Phone Charging (2X USB Ports)


80W, 65W, 50W, 40W Solar Panel

PV Polycrystalline

Roof Mounting Support

10 Year Warranty

3x Home 300 Lamps

900 Lumen Brightness

3X 300 lm Lamps

3X Brightness Modes

IP 65 Water & Dust Protected

8m Cable / Lamp

10m Cable Extension (optional)

Connect Up To 20x Lamps (optional)

2 Year Warranty

Solar Radio (Optional)

Portable Radio

Optimized for Rural Signal Reception

Li-Ion Re-chargeable Solar Radio

Strong BASS

Extra Long Runtime

USB Music Play

1 Year Warranty