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light & phone charging solar system

All-In-One Solar LED Light

Uno 50 offers up to 50 lumen of light in its highest light mode, bright light lasting for more than 2 hours. The first setting uses a comfortable 20 lumen brightness lasting for more than 6 hours - a brightness level which is great for reading, cooking or lighting up your home.

Uno 50 is Niwa's entry-level solar light solution. An ultra-affordable, all-in-one solar lamp with 2 brightness modes for complete energy independence.

Uno 50 is a versatile product that can be used in many situations. Not only is it the perfect reading light due to dual brightness settings, but it can also be hung on a wall, or ceiling, and flood a room.

Super bright

50 lumens

20+ Hours


ip65 rated

water & dust protected

HOME 200

Technical Specifications

White LED Light

50 Lumen (high) 20 Lumen (low)

500mAh / 5+ Years

0.4 Polycrystalline Solar Panel

100% Water Resistant - IP65

2 Year Warranty

UNO 50 - Solar Lantern - Rechargeable Water proof LED Light- 0742427797643