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    • For solar system control box, battery, solar panel, solar lanterns the warranty is valid 2.5 years from ex-fty/ex-works date (2 year end-customer facing warranty, the additional 0.5 year is to cover transport and warehousing). 
    • For TVs, fans, lamps, radios, torches the warranty is valid 1.5 years from ex-fty/ex-works date (1 year end-customer facing warranty, the additional 0.5 year is to cover transport and warehousing). 
    • Spare parts provided by NIWA are covered by same scheme as above
Products are under warranty against manufacturing defects only. Defects are covered under normal usage which is defined by Europeans highest reliability and safety CE standards for ALL consumer electronic products set in: EN 60598-2-4: 1997, EN 60598-1: 2008+A11, EN61347-2-13: 2006, EN 61347-2-1 : 2007 +A2, EN 62471:2008 For TVs: : IEC 60065: 2001+A1: 2005+A2: 2010 
  • Defects by rough handling (including defects caused by sharp items, by bending, compressing, improper storage, or dropping, etc.). Damages caused to the product by accident, lightening, ingress of water, fire, improper ventilation, dropping or excessive shock or any external cause beyond NIWA’s control and/or any damage caused due to tampering of the product by an unauthorised agent.
  • Defects of products which has been subjected to negligence in transportation, handling, storage or use; or has been tampered with; or which has been subjected to extreme environmental conditions; or which has been subjected to improper installation, application, alteration and maintenance; or which has been subjected to flood, fire, direct or indirect lightning strikes, or other acts of nature; or which has been subjected to accidental breakage, vandalism, explosions, or other events outside NIWA’s control. In addition, the limited warranties do not apply to any cosmetic change in appearance stemming from the normal wear and tear over time of product materials. Warranty claims will not apply if the product label, type or serial number of the applicable product has been altered, removed or made illegible.
  • Defects or damage caused by misuse, outside of rating label’s ratings, including use that is contrary to the instructions in manual, or caused by non-NIWA accessory and appliances.
  • Solar performance and solar runtime. Distributor is responsible for testing samples first in region of sales/usage and evaluate if solar performance over the year is adequate or not.
  • Gradual reduction in battery capacity and product brightness, runtime and hours of light caused by regular use of the battery, LED, and solar panel over time.
  • Accessories external to the system such as phone adapters, cables, remote controls etc.
  • Defects related to long storage and deep discharged batteries.
  • Defects in case product purchased from an unauthorized dealer.
  • Defects in case product has been opened, repaired with unauthorized spare parts or done by anyone other than authorized service center.
  • Defects related to improper installation by customer and / or connection of the product to equipment not approved by NIWA.

In the event that fail to present a proof of purchase, the repair should be charged at the usual rate. The warranty period will not be extended or renewed due to subsequent resale, repair or replacement of the product. However, parts repaired or replacement product during the warranty period will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.

All costs including mail, transportation, and other incidental charges in relation to repair work are at the expense of the owner. All other claims of any nature are not covered.

  • For warranty execution NIWA follows global industry standard for consumer electronic products: the country importer and distributor is responsible for executing the warranty at their cost with spare parts at NIWA cost in their technical support centers. NIWA supports with training and capacity building. If importer does not want to build up this capability NIWA can assist in engaging local 3rd party to service this part. 

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  • Solar Charge: Make sure the solar panel is exposed during FULL DAY under GOOD sunlight condition. Only if solar indicator shows 3-green bars all day the sunlight can be considered as GOOD. If sun conditions not ideal try charge several days. We hope for your understanding that in countries with rainy seasons during this time the performance of solar products will be lower as in other seasons. 
  • Full Battery Charge: Only if the battery indicator is BLINKING with 3-green bars the battery is charged 100%. Before that the battery has less charge. 

– Check at the Angaza platform if the account has been registered and activated. If yes, a 14 digits code should be generated. Please confirm if the code is inputted correctly with * at the beginning and # at the end. 

– Check if there is enough credit in the account and contact end user to recharge the account accordingly. 
– Check if PAYGO remote control buttons are working and if remote control’s battery release strip is pulled. A blue LED light confirms successful reception of remote control signals.