HOME X PRO Solar System

home X pro

premium 3x light & phone charging SOLAR SYSTEM


Powerful 3 Light & Mobile Charging System

Designed for small families and small businesses HOME X Pro offers light for up to 9 rooms. Mobile phone charging is supported via USB output. Radio, LED Torch and battery bank can be charged as well.

As all NIWA systems HOME X Pro is fully plug'n'play and setup in minutes for many years to run. Integrated LFP battery is ready to serve 5+ years fully backed up by NIWA's 2 Year Warranty.

10+ Hours light Power

lighting guaranteed


Premium sized solar



Plug'n'Play Solar Control Box

5+ Years LFP Long Life Battery

12.000 mAh Battery Capacity

PAYGO Payment Regulator

Mobile Phone Charging


15W Solar Panel

Comfortably Sized PV Panel

2 Year Warranty

3x Home Lamps

450 Lumen Brightness

3X 150 lm Lamps

up to 9x lamps (optional)

2X Brightness Modes

5m Cable / Lamp

IP 65 Water & Dust Protected (Optional)

5m Cable Extension (Optional)

2 Year Warranty

Solar Radio (Optional)

Portable Radio

Optimized for Rural Signal Reception

Li-Ion Re-chargeable Solar Radio

Strong BASS

Extra Long Runtime

USB Music Play

1 Year Warranty