home X starter

premium lighT & phone charging SOLAR SYSTEM


2x Lamps & Mobile Charging

Home X Starter is NIWA's entry level starter solar system. It comes with 2x ceiling lamps for lighting up two rooms with up to 300 Lumen brightness. USB output offers mobile phone charging capability. The system is easy to setup in minutes due to its plug'n'play design.

The 4W Solar Panel is comfortably oversized to make sure battery is full every evening for long runtime hours of light. Up to 6 hrs in highest light mode every day and more than 12 hrs in 2nd light setting.

6+ Hours light Power

lighting guaranteed


Premium sized solar



Plug'n'Play Solar Control Box

5+ Years LFP Long Life Battery

3500 mAh Battery Capacity

PAYGO Payment Regulator (Optional)

Mobile Phone Charging


4W Solar Panel

PV Polycrystalline

2 Year Warranty

2x Home Lamps

300 Lumen Brightness

2X 150 lm Lamps

2X Brightness Modes

5m Cable / Lamp

IP 65 Water & Dust Protected (Optional)

5m Cable Extension (optional)

2 Year Warranty

Solar Radio (Optional)

Portable Radio

Optimized for Rural Signal Reception

Li-Ion Re-chargeable Solar Radio

Strong BASS

Extra Long Runtime

USB Music Play

1 Year Warranty